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Friday, December 10, 2010

Summer Time!!!

Oi bloggers, so its been a looooooong while since I got time to do a lil update for all of you, I'm really sorry, but the boys went away to Pataya (Thailand) for the RC World Champs. In my opinion the team did well, they represented, learnt a few new things and well came home with some notches on the preverbial belt.

Since then we have been Cooking, not just in the sense of being busy, IT's Summer in South Africa! HOT HOT HOT Time to Play OUTSIDE!!! Sunshine, braai's, beer & fun!

So let me fill you in:

The guys came back from Thailand, exhausted,happy and feeling rather proud of their experience, fortunately we (Chris and I) did not burn down the shop while the boys were away. Actually I even sold a car and heli's (who would of thunk). I think boss owes us our noddy badges for our good work, hehehehehe.

The boys caught up quickly and jumped straight into the Christmas spirit. Boss went out and did the shopping for the decorations, high-jacked the lil green LED Christmas tree from under his wifes nose and lets not forget the HO HO HO Reeth and the lights we have dangling all over the place. Even our doorbell ringer got changed to a feastive tune... So Jingle Bells all the way!!!!

On top of that we got ourselves published in the FHM magazine, the Sandton Chronical and a few other hot media tools... WOW Business is booming! The Christmas shoppers(new and old) have really come to the party and have been spending like crazy. I think they come here just to see how this team functions under pressure, but who are we to complain.

We love what we do and we are passionate about RC, what more do we need?

We have been moving MiniX heli's like hot cakes, the new EB4 range hit the shelf and dissappeared before we could even test drive one for ourselves. The Monster trucks moved faster than I could process them. Belt CP's, Traxxas Revo's, Lama's you name it, we have it, either on the shelf, on order or leaving the shop to make some "kid" real happy!!!!

Hee Hee Hee, well it's time for me to get back to the real world, the shop floor is once again filled with the eternal children (yes men I'm talking about you) so I have to put on my prettiest girl smile and make some boys happy!

Come visit we would love to see you

See Ya

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who are "Custom Hobbies"

Custom Hobbies (located in Woodmead, Gauteng, ZA) was opened in September 2007,  from humble beginnings to finally making a mark in the "hobby" market. WIth the help of all our loyal customers who have supported us over the past 3 years, we are now one of the top 3 largest RC Hobby shops in Gauteng. We carry no less than 9000 items in our store and if we don’t have it in stock, we have the right connections to find exactly what you are looking for.

Our Store:
As you have read we are in Woodmead, to be exact Shop 3b Waterfall Crescent, Woodmead Commercial Park, we stock all kinds of RC & Hobby products, you name it we pretty much have it: RC Cars, Heli's, Boats (Nitro or Electrical), Build it yourself models, Die Cast Models, Paint, Wood, Branded Flags & T-shirts, Coffee & Muffins (yes ladies I'll make sure you get a good cup of Jacobs while your hubby & kids are shopping) and that’s just the beginning. Yeah I know I could sit here for hours & list all our brands & brag about being the only Agama stockiest in South Africa, but in my opinion you'll never get the full experience until you actually visit our store.

The Staff:
How do I tell you about our staff? Here are the basics, I think...

Christiaan (The Boss Man) is our commited racer, sales specialist & slave driver (LMAO… just kidding), not only does he own the store, but he lives for his hobby. He aspires to race in every possible race (including worlds), he takes the time to "test" (it’s more like "play with") all the new toys that we sell, yes you are reading this right, he has to know what we are selling to our clients & if the TOY is "fun" enough to actually market. A great guy to deal with, work with & learn from.

Ricardo (The RC Doctor) has been racing since he was a boy, all the way from Portugal, via Mozambique he came to South Africa looking to make a home for himself. After a short time in SA he found a place at Custom Hobbies, now he is our in-house RC Specialist. Ricardo has gone as far as assisting a client to tune a RC car over the phone; this client could clearly not wait to get his race on. Racing his car whenever he can you will either find The RC Doctor on our shop floor, at his workbench repairing what could be your car or on a track somewhere in the world, he loves his car so much - it’s always in his “work” bakkie!

Chris (The Heli Fanatic) is a new addition to the team, so addicted to Heli's he left his IT Job to come and "work" at Custom Hobbies under the pretense of actually having to work for a living, no honestly like the rest of our team, he works hard but man when he's flying his heli or setting up yours - he is PLAYING!!! As a "new age" heli fundi its his passion that drives him to make sure you get the full thrill of flying a heli, if you are looking for Chris you would usually find him in a park flying one of his many Heli’s, at home setting one up or at my desk playing on a flight simulator.

Me, I'm Bernice (The Woman) I don't really know what my job here is, mostly I make sure the boys are fed & hydrated, I take care of the admin & finances, go on beer runs & in general make sure there is a woman's touch around here, just 'coz it’s a "Boys Toy Shop" does not necessarily mean women don't shop here!

So that's us, sort of in a nutshell... So much to tell you but that will come in time.

Keep Reading our blog, you never know what you'll find in here!

Take care of you & yours

The Custom Hobbies Team